It’s always about the ranter

Hopefully you have read my page on psychological defenses for in this posting I will describe a defensive strategy in operation.
From an article on Daily Kos about a Republican representative from Colorado who rages against gay scoutmasters:

“Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R) said on Monday that it would be “better” for the Boy Scouts of America to drown its gay scoutmasters in the “depths of the sea” instead of lifting a ban on them. […]
“If your boy is in one of those organizations, you need to get him out of there,” he warned. “Because what they’re going to do is promote homosexual men to mentoring and camping with your boys in the woods. And it will lead to child abuse… The children are in danger. It’s not about the sexual pleasure of the adults.” […]“This is what Jesus said about child molesters,” the Republican lawmaker insisted. “If you are going to cause a child to sin, it would be better if you just had a millstone hung around your neck and you were drowned in the depths of the sea. Compared to the judgement that almighty God is going to implement on child molesters when he throws them into hell.”
There is great passion and intensity in Rep. Klingenschmitt’s remark about homosexuality. Why such passion and intensity? We all have feelings about homosexuality from absolute acceptance of the difference and diversity of people’s sexual preferences to a harsh moralistic self-righteous judgementalness.
The fundamental underpinning of our position on homosexuality is the level of acceptance and comfort we have with our own sexuality.
Sexual preferences have both a genetic and a developmental influence. We are sexual creatures and are capable of infantile arousal, not like adult arousal, but a more generalized and undifferentiated arousal.
Interaction with family members, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, relatives and playmates will have a very subtle unconscious sexualized flavor for a growing child. It is the totality of these experiences that will determine his/her sexual identity which is established by the time a child is 5 or 6.

We will either be resolved or conflicted with our sexual identity. A conflicted sexual identity indicates the child has experienced sexual feelings that were intolerable, unacceptable and shame producing. Those feeling become split off and rendered unacceptable at the subconscious level.

How are these conflicts managed subconsciously? Denial will be the initial defense employed, followed by Repression into the subconscious. To complete the disconnection, a person employs Reaction Formation. This is where those unacceptable abhorrent sexual feelings, buried at the subconscious level produces a kind of 180 degree conversion. Whereas the person abhors those feelings within himself, denying that such impulses within himself even exist, he takes on what he perceives as the self-righteous morally superior high ground, using the bible as his justification.

He rains scorn on those who have accepted and proclaimed their homosexuality. He attacks in others what is unacceptable within himself. I am going to say this again for it is profoundly important to your understanding of hypocrites who rail against homosexuality: those who condemn homosexuality in others will have conflicted subconscious homosexual desires themselves.

Zealots who preach against homosexuality have latent homosexual desires that they defend against, using this mechanism to take a strong stance against their own subconscious desires. The news is filled with pedophile priests and homophobic pastors who utilize this mechanism. So when you hear this selfrighteous Republican pastor railing against homosexuality, you can put your money on the fact that he and those like him more than likely have latent conflicted homosexual desires.
Rep. Klingenschmitt is a classic example of this type of individual.


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